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Rugby Balls - World Cup Rugby Balls and Rugby Training Balls

Capital Balls offers the best selection of rugby balls at the most competitive and affordable prices! We offer any kind of Rugby ball that you could need. We also have training rugby balls, match rugby balls, leather rugby balls and world cup rugby balls.

Our Rugby balls are available in many sizes, weight, color and finish. Our rugby balls are oval made of four panels. Length in line 280 - 300 millimeters, Circumference 740 - 770 millimeters, Circumference 580 - 620 millimeters, Material Leather and suitable synthetic material to make it water resistant and easier to grip. Weight: 410 - 460 grams, Air pressure at start of play 0.67-0.70 kilograms per square. Our expert staff make sure to provide our consumer a quality product .We are one of the leading rugby ball manufacturers and sell rugby balls of different size and color. We provide a number of options in rugby ball size and color.