Proud suppliers
to world renowned
Adidas, Reebok, Molten
and other famous brands
of the world.


Capital Balls manufactures basketballs with perfect balance. The full grain cover of the ball provides a good bounce and durability, the two half of the ball are equally identical. At Capital Balls, the basket balls we manufacture are covered with an Ultra lamination cover for a better performance and feel.

At Capital Balls, we provide basket balls with unique design and these basket balls are also available in custom colors and designs as per clients demand. We keep on improving our products and this is the reason, we are one of the leading ball manufacturers of the world. We have added grooves area to the ball flat panels which allows having a better control in game. These benefits are enhanced when playing outdoors, as it minimize the effects of dirt build up on the ball, which gives you better control on the ball during play.