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Custom & Promotional Basketballs

Are you looking for a custom basket ball, printed with your desired logo? Then, Capital Balls specialized team can help you. Capital Balls, as a leading ball manufacturing company has been offering quality basket balls since the last 35 years. We provide professional and excellent service in ball manufacturing

We also provide pre designed basketballs which are designed to fulfill your requirements and if these pre-designed custom basketballs do not suit to you specification, then our specialized and expert team can customize basket ball as per your specification.

Our experienced Staff makes the selection easy for you and helps you in making the right selection of best basketballs. You can choose colors, material and designs. As creating or printing you logo give a great recognition in promotions, fundraisers, awards, birthdays, etc.

Custom basketballs are great for trade show giveaways and corporate promotions. Custom basketballs can be used for playing and they can also be used for promotional events. We offer photo printed basketball and can print your picture or photo into basketballs, soccer balls or footballs.

Capital Balls manufactures basketballs with perfect balance. The full grain cover on the basketballs provides a good bounce and durability. At Capital Balls, the basketballs we manufacture are covered with an Ultra lamination cover for a better performance and feel.

At Capital Balls, we manufacture basketballs with unique design and these basketballs are also available in custom colors and designs as per clients demand. We keep on improving our products and this is the reason, we are one of the leading ball manufacturers in the world. We have added grooves area to the basketballs flat panels which allows having a better control in game.  These benefits are enhanced when playing outdoors, as it minimize the effects of dirt build up on the basketballs, which gives you better control on the ball.