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Over the years, Spalding balls are used as the official balls in many sports events. Spalding basketballs are made by using the advanced multi-layer technology to get the best handling during matches.

We manufacture these balls with high performance synthetic leather which provides strong scuff resistance, bonded nylex super soft reinforcement, ensuring synthetic and shape retention, stitching and shape that give a unique look and a feel of real leather. We provide Spalding basket ball’s in different combination and the most often used styles are the traditional leather and the multi-color look. Spalding balls we manufacture can maintain pressure 10 times more than any other basketball. It has special designed cap which eliminates leaks and provides durable outdoor cover. The Spalding basket balls has a full grain leather cover unlike many other Spalding balls, which feature covers made of a composite material or rubber. Inside, the Spalding ball has an inflatable inner rubber bladder.