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The Trimaran sets sail

1994: UNESCO chooses the show “Larme de sang” (A tear of Blood) as the year’s strongest endorsement of the message to prevent AIDS and promote tolerance
1995: “Laudace d’y croire” (Date to Believe) is created for the Telethon
1996: “Larme de sang” is chosen as part of “Savoir Vert” (Knowing Green) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food with the participation of the Compagnie au Sidaction (AIDS prevention company)
August 1997: the Human Rights Consultative League refers to the “Tolerantia!” show
May 1998: first English performance of “Tolerantia!” in Chemlmsford (Essex)
March 1999: “Temps de Foot” is a national project organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport’s, “1, 2, 3, à vous de jouer!” (1, 2, 3, go!)
November 1999: “Temps de Foot” is performed in a detention center in Provenece with the backing of the Ministry of Justice
Summer 2001: the company joins forces with SOS Children’s villages for three shows, in partnership with the UNFP
2001: “Temps de Foot” is awarded a prize at the 3rd National Forum for Social Development
March 2002: FIFA sponsors the European tour of “Temps de Foot”, Time for Football
April 2002: first English performance of “Temps de Foot”, Time for Football in Chelmsford (England) during the European tour
June 2002: Festina’s foundation chooses the company to spread the anti-drugs message in the show named “Clair Obscur”
September 2002: first night of the show “Zeit fur Fussball” (Time for Football) in Germany
May 2003: the company receives an award for its work against drugs in the project, Between Heaven and Earth in Cambridge (England)
October 2003: the company performs “Clair Obscur” for the National Congress of the Sport Medical Society in Toulouse (France)
June 2005: “L’Echo de la Mer” (Echo of the Sea) is presented at the First Show of Sustainable Development in Alencon (France)
May 2006: launch of the “Graine de Supporters” campaign