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The Football pictures


I have been taking photos of football in the streets for some ten years now and have been playing football ever since I can remember, first of all on the pitches in Boulogne in Buenos Aires where I was born, then in the old Born neighbourhood of Barcelona and today I kick the ball around the district of St Pauli in Hamburg. I soon learned that the Laws of the Game are for everybody and that they are the same the world over, with everyone chasing the ball until one person has the glory of scoring.
My interest extends beyond the story of the players’ sporting achievements with their passions and games to the true story of street football from top to bottom and how it has been transformed into a philosophy of life.
Street football is one of the few options offering refuge to the destitute who have not yet found a niche in the world and contributes greatly’to restoring bonds of solidarity that have been torn apart in too many regions of the world.
What happens on the pitch is replicated by life off it.