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Quiz – World-beater Or Back To The Training Ground

Do you think you know your football? If so, test your knowledge with our world football quiz. How many of the 20 questions can you get right? The correct answers can be found on the next post.
1. For which country does Everton’s Tim Cahill play internarional football?
A: Australia
B: New Zeland
c: Vanuatu
2. In which city was Kaka born?
A: Rio de Janeiro
B: Sao Paulo
C: Porto Alegre
3. Which club boasts the most Swiss league titles?
A: Grasshoppers
B: Basel
C: Servette
4. Which country is FIFA’s newest member?
A: Montenegro
B: Zanzibar
C: Guam
5. The referee of the 2006 2006 FIFA World Cup Final was from…
A: Ghana
B: Canada
6. The 2003-2006 World Cup cycle was the most successful in FIFA’s history, with the governing body recording a total surplus of …
A: 423 million Swiss francs
B: 602 million Swiss francs
C: 816 million Swiss francs
7. When did Italy first win the FIFA World Cup™?
A: 1934
C: 1982
8. In which year was FIFA’s Goal development programme launched?
C: 2001
9. Which national team is currently coached by Hassan Shehata?
A: Morocco
B: Egypt
C: Tunisia
10. What is the name of the movement through which FiFA supports various social programmes?
A: “Football for Glory”
B: “Football for Peace”
C: “Football for Hope”
11. How many injuries were sustained during the 64 matches of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ in Germany?
A: 145
B: 178
C: 211
12. Which club is Japanese star Junichi Inamoto currently playing for?
A: Garnba Osaka
B: Galauasaray
C: Eintracht Frankfurt
13. Blooming are a club in the top division of which country?
A: Bolivia
B: Singapore
C: Cote d’lvoire
14. Where was Chelsea striker Didier Drogba born nearly 30 years ago?
A: France
B: England
C: Cote d’Ivoire
15. How did Chile’s Manuel Rosas make history at the 1930 FIFA World Cup™?
A: He scored the first goal.
B: He scored the first own goal.
C: He missed the first penalty kick.
16. What is the maximum permissible weight for a football?
A: 450 grams
B: 510 gtams
C: 570 grams
17. Why did El Salvador’s Cnstian Tovar once make headlines all around the world?
A: He was the president, coach and captain of topflight club Nejapa.
B: He scored five consecutive hat tricks in the top flight.
C: He made his senior international debut at the age of 14.
18. Benedict “Benni” McCarthy is regarded by many as South Africa’s number one striker. Which English club did he join in 2006?
A: Newcastle United
B: Blackburn Rovers
C: Tottenham Hotspur
19. Which country will host the FIFA Futsal World Cup later this year?
A: Brazil
B: Spain
C: Indonesia
20. Which city is home to Barcelona Sporting Club?
A: Barcelona
B: Guayaquil
C: New York