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Newcastle Vs Liverpool

Mr. Allardyce – the manager of Newcastle has criticised Liverpool’s Benitez suggesting the club’s boss is fortunate to be in his job.
Allardyce believes Benitez has only kept his job because he has reached two Champions League finals with Liverpool.
Liverpool have finished fifth, third and third in the Premiership under Benitez and Allardyce believes the former Valencia coach would have been sacked were it not for his success in European competition.
Allardyce told Zoo magazine, said: Benitez would be very lucky to be in a job if he hadn’t got to two Champions League finals, because they have had some very, very poor finishes poor finishes in the Premier League.
While they are a very good Champions League team, they are not a Premier League-winning team yet.
They don’t have that mentality to win that yet.
Being a foreigner, Benitez doesn’t understand it’s supposed to be Premier League first and Champions League second.