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Jose Mourinho believes he is still the Special One

Jose Mourinho first declared his Special status upon arriving in England and believes he he lived up to that billing during his three year stay on the island.
Chelsea enjoyed the most successful period in their history during Mourinho’s tenure, winning back-to-back Premiership titles in his first two seasons in charge.
I took a chance in saying that I was special, but I think there are now a lot of people who would sign up to that, Mourinho told Portuguese newspaper Maisfutebol.
I think I’m still special. I achieved good things and it was a fantastic period in my career. I’ll try to forget the bad things and remember the good ones, which are endless.
Mourinho admits he endured an emotional farewell when le left Stamford Bridge last week.
Yes, I cried, he said. I tend to say that I have a family at home and another at work. I’ve always had a relationship of love with the players and fans. I won’t forget them and they won’t forget me.
The fans never left Stamford Bridge crying, because we never lost. We beat the record and the day they lose a match at home they will remember they were three years without losing a single league game there.
Here (England), the culture is not one of change. Sir Alex Ferguson was at Manchester United a lot of years without winning titles, I think it was three years in a row, and he continues in his job. (Arsene) Wenger’s already in his third year without winning titles and continues in his work.
If it were for the fans I’d have a contract for 20 years. Here the culture is different. People like me and there is an excellent relationship.