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Gary Neville and the wedding singer

On 16 June Gary Neville and long-time girlfriend Emma Hadfield tied the knot at Manchester Cathedral. The Manchester United and England defender had originally hoped to enlist the services of famous tenor Jon Christos for the celebration, which cost a rumoured GBP 1 million. What 32-year-old Gary Neville did not know, however, was that Christos is an ardent fan of Manchester City and has been a season-ticket holder at Manchester United’s archrivals for 23 years. As a result the tenor baulked at the invitation to sing at the wedding reception in a Manchester United jersey. Had Neville known that Christo’s latest CD was entitled “Manchester City – the Album”, there would have been no doubt as to where his loyalties lay. It is reported that Neville then tried chart star James Blunt, but the singer apparently turned down the GBP 100,000 gig. Nonetheless, the splendid reception was held at the newlyweds’ stunning new home, even though work on the complete renovation of the impressive twelve-bedroom residence, which has its own golf course, cinema, swimming pool, fitness centre and stables, was completed only shortly before the big day. The dream mansion is said to have cost Neville GBP 6 million. Not that he cannot afford it … He earns around GBP 80,000 per week at Manchester United.