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FIFA World Cup TM

For the Germans the FIFA World Cup TM was by far the most important event in 2006. An extensive survey carried out by an institute into the country’s three most important events in 2006 revealed that 41% regarded the FIFA World Cup TM or the national team’s coaching duo of Jurgen Klinsmann and Joachim Low as the overriding attraction. In second place 12% mentioned Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Germany while 8% said private occasions such as marriages or births were the most memorable events. In eastern Germany, however, 19% rated private celebrations in second place ahead of the Pope’s visit with 7%. But the outright winner in the east was also the FIFA World Cup TM, with 38% naming it as the defining occasion of 2006. One thousand and nine people were questioned in the survey conducted on behalf of German term of the year for 2006.