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Educational Vocation

He then set about producing highly original and educational shows that focused on such topics as violence, isolation and drug-taking. The aim of the shows is to raise public awareness, especially among young people, regarding problems sometimes encountered in and around stadiums in an effort to curb them and to help youngsters discover or rediscover the essential values inherent in sport.
“Temps de Foot” (Time for Football) was thus born in 1998. This spectacular show combined singing, dancing and drama to remind the audience of fundamental traditions such as respect for the opponent and fair play on football. The story revolved around an old sage relating anecdotes about the world’s most popular sport, while constantly recalling its intrinsic values.
In 2002, “Le Trimaran” presented Clair Obscur (Chiaroscuro), a show about drug prevention.
Last year, the company put on its latest creation entitled “Graine de Supporters” (Sowing Supporters) with a different and more extensive theme. In fact, this series of shows provoked discussion about scourges of our society such as racism, violence, xenophobia, homophobia or sexism, which are sadly still witnessed to an unacceptable degree in our stadiums.
“The idea of “Graine de Supporters” was created as a vehicle for information to prevent certain types of behavior and as an aid to understanding the source of these scourges among the young and to do something about it. Closer to the pitch, this campaign is helping to encourage the practice of reflection, analysis and ideas on types of behavior in sports arenas. The aim is to promote the values of tolerance and respect conveyed by sport by spreading the message in sports clubs and colleges,” explains Stephane.
Youngsters are being asked to become actively involved in “Le Trimaran” shows as part of the process of raising awareness and pricking their conscience. For “Temps de Foot”, for example, a group of young people goes to stay in a college or club for a few days. Half a day is spent listening to explanations and a presentation of the project before they repair to various workshops (theater, singing, choreography or music) for the rest of their stay. At the end of the week, they put on a show and then sit down to discuss the results.