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World-Beater Or Back To The Training Ground?

Do you think you know your football? If so, test your knowledge with our world football quiz. How many of the 20 questions can you get right? The correct answers you will find tomorrow.
1. Where do Schalke 04 play their home games?
A: Dusseldorf
B: Krefeld
C: Gelsenkirchen
2. Who was Italy’s coach at the 1998 World Cup in France?
A: Giovanni Trapattoni
B: DinoZoff
C: Cesare Maldini
3. Which former French international hails from New Caledonia?
A: Bernard Lama
B: BasileBoli
C: Christian Karembeu
4. Where are the clubs, Black Leopards and Silver Stars, based?
A: Chicago
B: Johannesburg
C: Auckland
5. How have most of the matches at the FIFA World Cup™ ended to date?
A: 1-0 B: 1-1 C: 2-1
6. What was the nickname of legendary Mexican striker Hugo Sanchez?
A: Hugol B: La Tortilla C: Texmex
7. To which confederation does the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association belong?
8. Sheffield FC is the oldest football club in the world. Which anniversary did the English club celebrate last year?
A: 125th B: 150th C: 175th
9. Which club did Thierry Henry first play for as a professional?
A: Marseille B: Monaco C: Nice
10. How many times did the USA’s Mia Hamm win the FIFA Women’s World Player award?
A: Once B: Twice C: Three times
11. Which national team does leading Central American striker Carlos Ruiz, nicknamed El Pescadito (little fish), represent?
A: Guatemala B: Honduras C: Panama
12. Which of these countries has taken part in a FIFA World Cup™ final competition?
A: Venezuela B: Burkina Faso C: Cuba
13. Which of these South American associations joined FIFA first (in 1912)?
A: Argentina B: Brazil C: Chile
14. What is the nickname of Cesar Luis Menotti, who coached the Argentine world champions in 1978?
A: El Flaco (Skinny)
B: El Grande (the Giant)
C: El Tom (the Bull)
15. Where in South Africa was the preliminary draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ held?
A: Port Elizabeth B: Durban C: Sun City
16. Where is India’s most successful club, Mohun Bagan, based?
A: Kolkata B: Mumbai C: New Delhi
17. Who scored the goal for the Netherlands in their 2-1 defeat to FR Germany in the 1974 World Cup final?
A: Johnny Rep
B: Rene van de Kerkhof
C: Johan Neeskens
18. How tall is Liverpool and England striker Peter Crouch, renowned for his aerial domination?
A: 1.95m B: 2.01m C: 2.05m
19. Which national team does Seville striker Frederic Kanoute represent?
A: Mali B: Togo C: Gambia
20. Which country is not a member of FIFA?
A: Timor-Leste
B: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
C: Greenland