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What Counts Towards The Football Ranking?

The results of all matches at “A” international level are taken into account by the world ranking. These matches include:
• FIFA World Cup™ final competition matches
• FIFA World Cup™ qualifying competition matches
• Continental championship final competition matches
• Continental championship qualifying competition matches
• Friendly matches
Ranking points are calculated on the basis of the following criteria:
• Points for a win, draw or defeat
• Type of competition (multiplication factor)
• Strength of opponents (multiplication factor)
• Strength of confederation in question (multiplication factor)
To ensure that the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking reflects the reality of world football, the results a team has recorded in the previous twelve months are the most important. Results from previous years are also taken into account, but their value decreases on an annual basis until four years after the match was played (100% of ranking points for matches in last twelve months, 50% for matches played 12-24 months previously, 30% for 24-36 months and 20% for 36-48 months) at which point the result no longer has any mpacton the ranking.