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What are NFHS Soccer Ball Testing and Approvals

NFHS_LogoThe National Federation for State High School Associations is a body formed in the 1920’s for the development of inter school cooperation, based on educational sporting and arts based endeavours, designed to promote the health and wellbeing of students, and to enable them to further enrich their lives. The NFHS write and oversee the implementation of rules for 16 sports played by both girls and boys at state level competition.They provide backup and support for coaches and management of school teams. With 50 states covered a total of over 18,000 state schools rely on this governing body to ensure consistent playing rules and equipment specification. Thus creating a universal playing field within the whole of the state school system.

NFHS Soccer Ball Specifications and Testing Criteria

Test 1 is for sphericity obviously all balls need to be round
Test 2 is that all balls be manufactured out of leather or a suitable material that is resistant to water logging
Test 3 is the circumference of the ball be no less than 27 inches (68mm) and no greater than 28 inches (70mm)
Test 4 is that the weight ball be no less than 14oz (396g) and no greater than 16oz (453g)
Test 5 is that the ball is inflated to the manufacturers recommended pressure.

Since the beginning of the 1999 school year all NFHS soccer balls must have an authentication mark on them.

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