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Walter Gagg Turns 65

After celebrating his 65th birthday on 26 October 2007, according to Swiss law former FIFA Director of Stadiums and Security Walter Gagg is now regarded as a pensioner. But, for Gagg, retirement does not enter into the equation. He will now carrying on working on a part-time basis, as his work and input are still very much in demand, not least from FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, who sometimes asks him his opinion or seeks information from him on certain matters or takes him along on official trips. To celebrate Gagg’s special birthday, Blatter hosted a small reception. A former semi-professional footballer, Walter Gagg worked as an instructor for the Swiss football association (SFV) from 1959 to 1972 and as the Director of the SFV Technical Department from 1973 until 1982. Ever since 1 January 1983 – that is, nigh on 25 years – the well-known and popular football expert, who has built up a huge network of personal contacts to coaches, players and officials, has been a FIFA employee. Although he has worked as a director of several departments during that time, Gagg is mainly appreciated for being admired as a first-rate and outstanding ambassador of FIFA and football.