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Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones was recently thrown out of an English pub Not for causing trouble while drunk, but for driving the landlord mad rehearsing for his next film role. The former Wales captain, now 42, emerged as a film star after ending his career as a footballer. He has already appeared in 30 films, working alongside world stars such as Brad Pitt, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in 1999 he won an ward for best British newcomer for the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and three years later he was named British actor of the year. In the film business, laments Jones, he commands the respect he was never shown as a footballer. On screen he plays the role of bad guy-just as he did on the pitch Jones still holds the unofficial world record for the fastest yellow card (after three seconds). His uncompromising style of play earned him the nickname “The Axe”. The hard-as-nails midfielder made 386 professional appearances – many of his opponents will recoil in horror at the memory.