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Victory For Football As A Whole

FIFA, UEFA and a number of top European clubs signed a letter of intent at the Home of FIFA on 15 January which starts a new chapter in the relations between the governing bodies and the clubs.
The development is very much in line with the sporting and political philosophy of FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini, who seek to involve all key stakeholders in the decision-making processes of football and to find workable solutions within the football family itself. The European clubs share this philosophy.
The representatives of the organisations present agreed on the intention to regulate their future relationship with a number of actions. These are to include the planned evolution of the European Club Forum into the European Club Association (ECA), the formal signature of a memorandum of understanding with UEFA and subsequently the dissolution of the G-14 with the withdrawal of its claims in court. As part of the planned moves, UEFA and FIFA will enter into a series of commitments including financial contributions for player participation in European Championships and World Cups, subject to the approval of their respective bodies.
Blatter hailed the meeting as a historic occasion and a turning point in modern football. “Something special has happened today. The clubs, which are the basic cells of our game and fundamental to its thriving, are at last to become a part of the pyramidal football organisation. Today’s letter of intent gives a big boost to football. We have reached this positive conclusion by taking care of the legitimate aspirations and requests of clubs to access the decision-making levels of international football.”