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Types of Footballs

There are many types of footballs, soccer balls, or futbols. Footballs can be categorized by the following types:
Professional Match Balls
Match Balls
Practice/Camp Balls
Promotional Balls
Indoor Balls
Futsal Balls
Beach and Street Balls
Professional Match Footballs
Developed with top professional clubs to maximize players natural abilities and skills.
Approved for use at the highest professional and international levels.
Pure performance, exact specifications, great accuracy, speed and control.
Designed for all natural and artificial turf surfaces and all climates.
These footballs have been developed for top level international professional matches. They usually have some type of organizational approval such as the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) approval logo imprinted on the ball. At least five layers are used in the construction of the ball and they use the best materials. Professional match balls are the most expensive type of ball since they use the best materials and adhere to strict design and testing parameters. Ball trajectory, shape, balance, bounce, water absorption and velocity are all strictly controlled.
Match Football Balls
High performance range of balls for all playing surfaces.
Designed to suit all levels of play and all age groups.
Guaranteed to conform to official size, weight, and shape regulations.
Materials developed for their performance and reliability
Match balls are designed for use in football matches. They cost more than practice balls and less than the internationally approved footballs. Some type of association approval like “FIFA Approved” or “FIFA Inspected” is usually imprinted on a match ball. Between four and five lining layers are used in the construction of the ball.
Recreational /Practice/Training /Camp/Street Footballs
Tough and highly durable balls for extended use.
Specific materials for use on all playing surfaces.
Used by coaches for all age groups and all standards
Usually constructed with four or less layers and use a lower quality outer cover such as PVC. Many practice or camp balls made out of molded material (not stitched together but molded together panels) have been designed to withstand rough surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.
Practice or camp balls are the least expensive balls when compared with match type footballs.
Promotional Balls
These balls are usually made to promote a name brand, organization or event. Some promotional footballs are small in size (size one or two) and not intended for practice or match use.
Indoor Footballs
Many indoor footballs consist of a felt type outer covering that is similar to the material used on tennis balls. They have the same size configurations as the outdoor footballs.
Futsal Footballs
The main difference between a Futsal ball and a typical footballs, is that the bladder is filled with foam. That makes the ball heavier and have less bounce for use on the hard playing surface.