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Traditional Fountain For FIFA President

On 16 June, Christian Imsand, president of the Swiss village of Ulrichen (Haut-Valais) presented FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter with a traditional wooden fountain at the Home of FIFA in Zurich. The FIFA President had initially been presented with a miniature model of the fountain, before the full-size version was set up at the Home of FIFA. Weighing some 700kg, the fountain now nestles just to the side of the football pitch, offering an attractive echo of the quaint and still unspoilt hamlets and villages of the Valais region, with their charming granaries, ancient barns and, of course, their own wooden or stone fountains. Joseph 5. Blatter’s family has its roots in Ulrichen, and when he was elected President of FIFA for the first time in 1998, the council bestowed on him the title of “Honorary Burgher of Ulrichen”.