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Theofanis Gekas – A Shy, Simmering Threat

Greece, the sensational European champions in 2004, recovered from a recent drop in performance to qualify comfortably for EURO 2008 – not least thanks to their new star striker, Theofanis Gekas.

Unbelievable but true – the shy young man with the somewhat melancholy look inspires fear and trembling among German Bundesliga goalkeepers. In the 2006-2007 season, he emerged as top goalscorer with 20 goals for Bochum. “He’s our life insurance,” affirmed Bochum coach Marcel Koller.
Nothing changed after his move to league rivals Bayer Leverkusen for EUR 3.21 million last year as he is one of the leading goalgetters in the current season.
The man in question is the phenomenonal 27-year-old, Theofanis Gekas. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, he has shot, headed, tricked and hammered his way to the forefront of top international finishers. His first accolade as top goalscorer came his way at the age of 25 – while was still in in Greece. Twelve months later, he pocketed the same award – but in Germany. He has a tendency to sneak up from behind like a simmering threat. During his first 15 appearances for the Greek national team, he failed to find the net once but in the following seven games he made up for it by scoring seven times.