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The Technology Behind FIDOM

Towards the end of 2005, a new IT platform was evaluated for FIDOM. The aim was to do away with the deficiencies of the previous FIDOM infrastructure and at the same time create a tool with which to accommodate FIFA’s future requirements in the area of enterprise content management (ECM). It was intended to boost the search machine’s capacity at the same time as the web client’s functionality. A variety of state-of-the-art products was tested against the list of requirements and carefully compared in a multi-stage selection processes. Open Text Livelink ECM eDOCS DM 6 finally emerged as the winner of the comparative appraisal. The company, az solutions, was responsible for implementing the technology, carrying out several improvements on the user interface of the web client and the search engine. The following elements formed part of the technical solution:
• web clients with access to the web server in the security zone (DMZ)
• Windows clients in the Home-of-FIFA network with direct access to the DM server
• user authentication via the FIFA active directory server
• index data storage including access restrictions in the database (DM library)
• storage of application data, the full text index (FT) and all electronic documents/ pictures on separate drives of the storage area network
It is designed as a redundant system, comprising one productive server and one test and standby server. The next upgrade will entail combining both FIDOM servers into one fail-proof server cluster.