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Slater – I am Fortunate

Slater has been more than just a commentator for Notts County. In 1965, in his previous role as a newspaper reporter, he played an instrumental part in helping to save the club from bankruptcy. Then, during 18 stressful months up to December 2003, he used his radio broadcasts to keep supporters informed as the club fought yet another successful battle against financial oblivion.
Notts County FC, with whose players, managers, directors and supporters he has formed many close friendships down the years, is in Slater’s blood and he has no plans to retire. “People have asked me many times whether or not I’m planning to retire and the answer is always ‘no’”, he says. “I’m fortunate to enjoy robust good health, otherwise I would not have reached 2,000 matches and would not be able to contemplate carrying on.”
However, one thing he is very concerned about is the future of clubs like Notts County who struggle to exist within an English game that is currently awash with money at the highest level but pays little attention to the financial plight of those below the Premier League.
Slater adds: “I have deep concerns over the future of Notts County because the club lacks investment and the quality of players it can afford is extremely limited. I think there is a good deal of selfishness now on the part of the bigger clubs in England. They have more than enough money to live on, but the game at the lower levels is struggling. I think that’s grossly unfair and that the bigger clubs are very selfish.”