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Slater – Good Or Bad

27 years on, modern digital technology means that Slater’s silky smooth voice comes across crystal clear. But there is little actual difference in how he goes about his business. “Sheer poetry” is how one reporter recently described Slater’s commentating style, but the modest 73-year-old says he simply adheres to the same broadcasting principles that were ingrained in him ahead of that first game at Lincoln City nearly 40 years ago.
Slater recalls: “I first sat at the feet, as it were, of a man called George Yeatman, who was my mentor as well as being my producer. On my first Monday morning he sat me down in his office and said to me: “The first rule of radio is this: if you don’t sound as though you’re enjoying it, how can you expect listeners to enjoy it?’ I try to remember that at all times and I just hope that over the years I’ve continued to have a sense of enjoyment about it and conveyed that to the listeneis. In local radio we’re broadcasting to people of a defined locality, many of whom wish they could be at matches but are ill, too old and frail, are working or have family responsibilities, and if I have a sense of enjoyment and pleasure about my commentary, it will help them to have a sense of enjoyment and pleasure. I think I’ve been pretty consistent and I tell it as I see it. Whether Notts’ football is good or bad, I say so. I try to broadcast with integrity and I think our listeners believe me when I say it’s been a good or bad performance. If I’m still achieving that after nearly 40 years on the Radio Nottingham microphone then I feel satisfied.”