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SC Volksen

The women’s team SC Volksen, a small club in Germany’s lowest league, recently showed their sense of fair play with a unique gesture. In the semi-final of the local cup competition, oppo¬nents Polizei SV Hannover took to the field with only ten players as some of their players had been delayed by work. Volksen’s Turkish coach Cenap Korkmaz explains: “We wanted to win this match fairly and squarely. We wouldn’t have got any enjoyment out of winning the game with an advantage we hadn’t earned on the pitch, and it would have been unsporting behaviour. We want¬ed a genuine sporting contest.” With this in mind, Korkmaz also sent only ten players onto the pitch. His fairness was rewarded – SC Volksen won the match, later played to a finish with 11 versus 11, 4-1, and reached the final of the local cup competition for the first time in their history