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The footballing career of three-time FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldinho is apparently under threat. According to a medical report, the state of the 28-year-old Brazilian’s health is “catastrophic”. The Barcelona star was examined in a private clinic in the Catalonian capital in May as part of an “undercover operation”, reported Spain’s free daily newspaper adn. The test showed that Ronaldinho was not in a position to be playing top-class football at the moment. Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard said the club knew nothing of the examination. “After all, it was an undercover operation,” joked the Dutchman. The Spanish press suspect that Ronaldinho allowed himself to be medically examined on behalf of a club interested in buying the star. Perhaps it was the results of the examination that prompted AC Milan boss Silvio Berlusconi to comment “I’ve always had my doubts about whether or not Ronaldinho can help us. I don’t think we need him now”. The fact is that Ronaldinho barely played a match in the weeks before the examination, and trained even less. That has provoked rumours that the one-time best player in the world is leaving Barcelona to seek a new challenge in the Italian or English league.