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QUIZ – World-beater Or Back To The Training Ground

Do you think you know your football? If so, test your knowledge with our world football quiz. How many of the 20 questions can you get right? The correct answers can be found on page 63.
1. Who scored the only goal in Greece’s triumph over hosts Portugal in the EURO 2004 final?
A. Angelos Charisteas B. Theofanis Gekas C. Ioannis Amanatidis
2. Which FIFA Congress was held in Sydney on 29 and 30 May 2008?
A. the 48th B. the 58th C. the 68th
3. Where is the prestigious Blue Stars/ FIFA Youth Cup held each year?
A. Zurich B. Paris C. London
4. How wide is a football goal?
A. 7.28m B. 7.30m C. 7.32m
5. Which national team does Barcelona player Rafael Marquez represent?
A. Argentina B. Bolivia C. Mexico
6. In which German city was the 1974 FIFA World Cup™ final played?
A. Berlin B. Munich C.Hamburg
7. What do coaches Jock Stein (Scotland) and Gyula Lorant (Hungary) have in common?
A. They were both born on 5 October 1922.
B. The both died on the team bench.
C. They both married the same woman.
3. Which of these African countries has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup™ finals?
A. Mali B. Algeria C. Cote d’lvoire
9. Which Major League Soccer (MLS) team does Englishman John Carver coach?
A. Houston Dynamo B. Toronto C. New York Red Bulls
10. When was a FIFA tournament (namely the FIFA U-17 World Cup) last held in Oceania?
A. 1997 B. 1999 C. 2001
11. Where was French international and Chelsea player Claude Makelele born?
A. Democratic Republic of Congo B. Cameroon C. Burkina Faso
12. To which famous retired footballer is US baseball star Nomar Garciaparra married?
A. Michelle Akers B. Julie Foudy C. Mia Hamm
13. With which association is the club Jorge Wilsterman registered?
A. Bolivia B. Peru C. Paraguay
14. The 17th and last Law of the Game is about…
A. the throw-in B. the goal kick C. the corner kick
15. Who is the captain of FIFA’s ambassadors against racism?
A. Jurgen Klinsmann B. Sir Bobby Charlton C. Thierry Henry
16. Which wild animal is represented in the emblem of the Korea Republic association?
A. Lion B. Tiger C. Leopard
17. What is the nickname of Argentina international and Atletico Madrid player Sergio Aguero?
A. El Kun B. El Bun C. El Sun
18. Where will the FIFA Women’s World Cup be held in 2011?
A. Germany B. Sweden C. Norway
19. Whose first club was Andorinha?
A. Ronaldos B. Cristiano Ronaldo’s C. Ronaldinho’s
20. When was Japan’s professional league, the J.League, first set up?
A. 1973 B. 1983 C. 1993