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Once Upon A Time

The city’s surroundings may seem hostile, arid and inhospitable, yet neither the wind nor the low temperatures could scare off the English miners of the Compania Real del Monte y Pachuca, who decided to found Mexico’s first ever football team in 1901. Football provided the ideal pastime and kept them in touch with the customs of their homeland, even though the geography of Hidalgo state could not have been more different from the greenery of England.
They were soon joined by enthusiastic locals, leading to the foundation on 19 July 1907 of the Mexican league by the teams that were formed after Pachuca’s example. The passion for football survived the Mexican Revolution lead by Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa (1910-1912), during which only three clubs carried on playing … one of them being Pachuca.
By 1915 virtually all the players were Mexican and three years later, Pachuca won their first championship, which they followed up with another title in 1920, both under the stewardship of Englishman Alfred Crowle. The club’s second title win led to an exodus of players to Mexico City and Pachuca’s extinction … only for the club to be resurrected following the creation of the second division. In 1967 they were promoted to the top flight and embarked on a new period of growth which culminated in their title win in 1999, thus opening a new chapter in their history.