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Nadine Angerer – Superstar?

“I would have preferred to become Germany’s number one goalie without seeing Silke Rottenberg injured,” comments Angerer. Referring to the rivalry with her predecessor, she adds, “You have to treat people with respect.” And that they certainly do.
Despite winning the World Cup title in China, Angerer does not consider herself a star. “It’s not only at tournaments that you have to play well but in every other match as well. I’ve just proved that I can take pressure on the international stage,” she adds.
Angerer is far more than just a very accomplished goalkeeper. As DFB President Theo Zwanziger pointed out during the World Cup, “Angerer’s role has become so important that she could easily vie with Birgit Prinz for superstar status. Nadine not only has a strong personality but she is also intelligent and friendly. People like that are important.”
Angerer was in great demand for interviews during and after the World Cup. Her diary was bursting with appointments – media interviews and appearances for sponsors here, there and everywhere. Zwanziger was not in the least surprised. He calls her the 2007 World Cup high-flyer.
In the meantime, life has returned to normal in the capital, Berlin, where she lives in the neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg in the former East Germany. It is full of old buildings, perpetuating the old-fashioned, charming, lively face of Berlin. A ladder leads from her balcony to the rooftop to where Angerer frequently retreats to admire the view. This is her refuge where she can feel free and be herself. It is here that she finds urban peace way above the seething city. Angerer has now become a household name. “The baker around the corner sometimes gives me a bread roll and a cup of coffee for free. People smile at me and say hello and sometimes help me when I’m parking my car,” recounts the now famous goalkeeper.