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Lutz Pfannenstiel

Lutz Pfannenstiel, 35, is someone you could call a roamer or adventurer. He is the only footballer in the world to have played professional football on every continent. The former Germany U-17 goalkeeper recently signed for a Brazilian team: his 2S”r club in 15 different countries! Pfannenstiel’s unparalleled career began at 1. FC Bad Kotzting in his home region of Upper Bavaria in 1991. It then took him to Malaysia, England, Belgium, Malta, South Africa, Finland, Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, Canada, Albania and Vietnam, some of them on more than one occasion. Pfannenstiel has seen and experienced a great deal. In Singapore he was taken to court in 2000 for allegedly fixing matches and eventually spent 101 days in prison. Two years later Pfannenstiel almost died while playing in England. After suffering a blow to the solar plexus he was considered clinically dead, but then started breathing again and was soon back between the posts. Pfannenstiel won championship medals in Finland and Malaysia, was twice goalkeeper of the year in New Zealand and was voted best second-division keeper in Norway. Pfannenstiel is still not sure where his journey will take him once his stint in Brazil comes to an end. Perhaps to Norway, where he says he liked it best, or maybe back to Canada, where he resided with his wife and daughter until recently. Pfannenstiel originally intended to carry on playing until the age of 40, but lately he has spoken several times of ending his career sooner. He has ambitions of working as a coach or a players’ agent one day – and may even find himself in front of a television camera soon. Studios in the US are interested in filming his life story.