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Little Sister FIDOMPIX

Soon after FIDOM was introduced in summer 2006, yet another demand needed to be met. Never has a FIFA World Cup™ been so lavishly photographed as Germany in 2006. foto-net, the photography agency contracted by FIFA, took approximately 6,000 outstanding pictures of the 64 games. No fewer than 1,200 photographs were taken during the 24-hour reportage on the day of the final in Berlin, the most impressive of which were chosen for publication in FIFA’s The Final Day. But how was this plethora of pictures supposed to be managed? What could be done to ensure that, at some time in the future, such photographs could quickly be retrieved for further use? The answer was FIDOMpix, a picture database that caters for FIFA’s requirements and produces optimum search results using almost the same search criteria as for FIDOM. One big technical challenge during programming was providing a preview of the list of results, which is far more important for a picture database than a document databank. Anyone looking for a photograph wants to see thumbnail images in his search results. Over 8,000 photographs can currently be researched via FIDOMpix and every day more are flooding in from various tournaments, events and trips around the world.