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Lira Bajramaj – 25 Marriage Proposals

Lira Bajramaj was just four years old when she fled Kosovo with her parents and two brothers to a new home in Germany far away from the war zone. Today, Bajramaj is 19 years old, 1,70m tall and one of the best women footballers in Germany. “I can’t imagine a life without football,” she says. Bajramaj has long since obtained a German passport and she made her international debut for her adopted homeland quite some time ago. She won the European Championship in 2005 and followed that up with the Women’s World Cup title in September 2007. The young midfielder, whose father was once strictly against her playing football but now proudly accompanies his daughter to matches, has been the talk of Germany ever since the triumph in China. The country’s men, in particular, have been captivated by the girl who plays for FCR Duisburg and counts David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho among her favourite players. Since winning the World Cup, Bajramaj has received 25 proposals of marriage. “There weren’t any suitable ones, though,” she says with a laugh. “And anyway I’ve already got a boyfriend.”