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Lajos Detari – Twelve Clubs

Detari’s wanderlust has not changed now that he is a coach. He could have followed two former team-mates, Kalman Kovacs and Marton Esterhazy, into television or business, but Detari decided to stay true to the game he loves. “I live for football,” he admits. “This is what I know. This is my home.”
Yet it would be fair to say that Detari has not yet really found his home. Since 2000, he has worked for 12 clubs in five different countries. “That’s a lot, but what can I say? I only had short-term contracts at some clubs and others fired me. I like change, even though it is different to how it was when I was a player because back then I only had to take responsibility for myself and my performances. As a coach, I am judged on the performances of my players. At first, that was a whole new experience for me,” he says.
Somewhat surprisingly, Detari’s first steps in coaching were not taken in Hungary but in Romania, which is a source of great pride for him. “At the time, Romania were fifth in FIFA’s world rankings. It was an honour for me to start my coaching career there.” The club in question was FC Bihor, a small club in the provinces where he met Mariusz Laszlo Vizer, the current president of the International Judo Federation, who persuaded him to return home to Sopron in June 2007. It was there, however, that Detari was to experience his greatest disappointment in his coaching career to date.