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Lajos Detari – Still Playing

In early 2007, Detari saw another of his dreams dashed. Detari had been hotly tipped to replace Imre Gellei as Ferencvaros coach following Gellei’s resignation, but in the end the club’s board plumped for Zoran Kuntic. “We had agreed on almost everything, but there were people in the shadows who were doing all they could to keep me away from Ferencvaros. I lost that battle but one day I will get there,” he says resolutely.
Whether it is in Hungary’s top flight or Slovakia’s amateur league, Detari still burns with ambition. All that matters to him is football. “1 have no doubt that sooner or later I will be back in the top flight,” he insists. “Until then, I will keep playing for Ferencvaros’ veterans team in the top division of the Budapest league. We have a good team. It’s fun, but perhaps I should start to look for a new hobby now that 1 am 44.”