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Lajos Detari – Restless In Hungary

Lajos Detari could not live without football but he is not one to accept compromises. FIFA magazine takes a look at his long and colourful career.

Lajos Detari only has one problem, but as Laszlo Kiss, a former Hungarian midfielder now earning a living as a pundit explains, it is quite a serious one. “He wants his players to play like he did in the 1980s,” says
Kiss. “Unfortunately, his players aren’t good enough and Detari just can’t seem to understand that.”
That is just the way Detari is. Even though he is now a coach, Detari still bosses his team around as he used to when he was a player. If there is one thing that has remained constant in his life, it is change. As a player, Detari was a globetrotter with clubs in Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Austria although he only ever really settled at Honved in his home country. Eintracht Frankfurt’s fans idolised him for scoring the winning goal in the German cup final, a feat that also brought him the title of “best foreign player in the Bundesliga”, but their adulation was not enough to keep him in Germany and he quickly moved on to Olympiakos in Greece where the money on offer was simply too good to turn down. Success came calling in Greece too, but he only enjoyed a fleeting two-year stay before packing his bags for his next adventure with Bologna in Italy. Detari never had the opportunity to showcase his talents with one of European football’s true giants. Although he was one of the most talented players that Hungary has produced since the Magical Magyars’ heyday in the 1950s, Detari shone only sporadically. Nevertheless, when he looks back on his career, he is still satisfied with what he achieved. “I have wonderful memories of every country I played in and it is an honour that so many people remember me, particularly in Greece,” he says. “Greek fans have an extraordinary bond with their players. It is more than love. I never experienced that anywhere else.”