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Kuwait Suspension Lifted

On 9 November 2007, the FIFA Emergency Committee lifted the suspension that had been imposed on the Kuwait Football Association (KFA) by the FIFA Executive Committee 11 days earlier (further information on www.FIFA.com).
On 4 November 2007, the KFA extraordinary general assembly had declared that the appointment of the board of directors on 9 October 2007 was null and void. It also fully reinstated the transition committee that FIFA had set up on 12 March 2007.
Furthermore, the KFA agreed to ratify the new statutes approved by FIFA by 26 November 2007. This approval includes, most notably, the decision passed by the FIFA Executive Committee on 27 May 2007, stipulating that the board of directors must comprise five members, namely a chairman, a deputy chairman and three other representatives. Finally, the KFA has pledged to elect a new board of directors in line with its new statutes and FIFA’s decisions.
In the light of this favourable reaction to the situation, the FIFA Emergency Committee decided, at the proposal of the FIFA President and in agreement with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), that it would lift the suspension imposed on the KFA. This decision, however, is conditional upon the commitments made by the KFA being adhered to entirely, otherwise FIFA will immediately suspend the KFA again.