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Joining Forces In The Fight Against Doping

On 30 May 2008, the 58th FIFA Congress ratified the 2009 World Anti-Doping Code (175 votes in favour, 1 against). Version 3.0 of the code includes individual case management regarding sanctions, a principle that FIFA has always advocated. In addition, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter and WADA President John Fahey signed a declaration based on the approval of the World Anti-Doping Code by the FIFA Executive Committee and its ratification by the FIFA Congress, as well as on the letter of intent agreed on by both organisations in Zurich on 29 February 2008.
“We are convinced that together with President Fahey we will be able to show to the world what we, at FIFA, do for the fight against doping. We will also put at the disposal of WADA all of our medical officers ail around the world,” said the FIFA President. Fahey, meanwhile, stated that: “I acknowledge the support given by FIFA to WADA and to the fight against doping in sport. The fight must go on, in the interest of sport and of public health. The commitment of FIFA has been strong and I believe it will be even stronger in the years to come. This document ratifies, reaffirms and endorses the commitment and cooperation that WADA and FiFA have and will continue to have in the future. I look forward to our continued cooperation.”
In the declaration, FIFA and WADA state that they will continue their close cooperation in the common objective of fighting against doping through all possible means. FIFA also declares its unconditional support for WADA in the fight against doping, whereas WADA declares its respect for the specificity of team sports as compared to individual sports and agrees to continue to discuss with FIFA the practicalities and specific issues related to team sports.
The 2009 World Anti-Doping Code will be fully integrated into the FIFA rules and regulations as from 1 January 2009.