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How Soccer Balls Are Tested & Approved

Many of the quality match balls manufactured today have approval ratings from the governing bodies of soccer. They come printed on the covers in the form of logos, as with FIFA’s inspected by and approved by logos, or as authentication stamps as in the NFHS mark.

Having these marks of approval ensure that the manufacture and performance of the ball carrying them, meets the rigorous standards set by the issuing organisation.

There are several advantages to the discerning buyer by choosing an approved ball. You are guaranteed a certain quality, you are getting the best you can for your money, and a consistent playability from your ball.

Before the introduction of these approval marks balls made by different companies had quite a varying degree of quality between them. Since the testing was introduced soccer balls bearing the official marks now give a guarantee as to their standard. Gone is the ambiguity and worry that a ball will last the game and play the same at the end as it did at the beginning.

Size and weight conform strictly to the rules contained within the statutes of soccers main governing bodies.

Referees now only need concern themselves with the pressure of the ball, as all FIFA balls are tested for, accuracy in flight, bounce, shape, balance, speed and water absorption, by independent laboratories, adhering to a strict criterion.

The use of the official logo is licenced by the respecting bodies. Manufacturers pay for the privilege of having the approval marks on their products, giving them the right to state the competitions and leagues covered by the organisations in their marketing campaigns.

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