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Home Of Football For 5,75 Million Players

On 22 September, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter and AFC President Mohamed bin Hammam had a very special duty to perform as part of the Goal Programme: the inauguration of the headquarters of the Chinese Football Association
(CFA), a “Home of Football” for the 5,756,093 footballers in the world’s most populous country.
It goes without saying that the scope of the Chinese Goal project is bigger than anywhere else in the world. The CFA headquarters, located in an office building in the heart of Beijing, cost USD 4.8 million and stretches over three floors and 4,600 square metres. Two hundred employees will be employed there by the CFA, the Chinese Super League and the local organising committee of the 2008 Olympic Football Tournaments.
The FIFA and AFC Presidents along with CFA Vice-President Xie Yalong performed a ceremonial unveiling of a commemorative plaque before visiting the offices. The CFA then hosted an official Chinese banquet dinner.