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HitzfeldIn Favour Of 6+5

New Switzerland coach Ottmar Hitzfeld made his first ever visit to the Home of FIFA in Zurich on Wednesday 30 July, where he met FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter. Hitzfeld and Blatter enjoyed a warm and friendly discussion on a number of footballing subjects, including the planned 6+5 rule and Switzerland’s chances of qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Hitzfeld: “I’ve known him for many years now and we have often met, but this was a chance for us to have in-depth discussions about some current problems and interesting topics in a relaxed atmosphere.” Switzerland’s national team coach also came out in favour of the planned 6+5 rule: “I am totally behind this rule and have been for years now, since I can see that development is going in the wrong direction. There are too many foreign players in every league, which means that the local youngsters can’t be brought on properly. Furthermore, a lot of money is spent unnecessarily and which would be better invested in youth work and the development of talent.”