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Health Comes First

Before the tournament got underway in China, FIFA’s Medical Department recommended that the players should undergo the same comprehensive medical tests as their male counterparts prior to the 2006 FIFA World Cup™. “Every player, whether male or female, should be examined thoroughly so that there can be no doubt that he or she is fit to play,” stressed Dr Michel D’Hooghe, the chairman of FIFA’s Sports Medical Committee. “We have a duty and a responsibility to protect every player from every possible risk.”
In 2006, F-MARC developed a standard examination to help detect any possible risks of sudden cardiac arrest, which has sadly been brought to the fore once again by several recent deaths in the football family. Although FIFA only recommended this test to the women, 11 of the 16 participating teams decided to conduct the examinations. The results will now be analysed anonymously to help improve medical care and treatment in the women’s.