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Gyula Grosics

Gyula Grosics, the goalkeeper for Hungary in the 1954 FIFA World Cup™ final, had a brush with death in June. The Hungarian football association announced that the 82-year-old had been taken to hospital suffering from a ruptured lung, and that life-saving emergency surgery had been performed. “Grosics called me on that Sunday morning and said that he was having difficulty breathing again,” reported his doctor Istvan Penzes. “We had to insert a tube in his chest.” The former world-class goalkeeper has been admitted to hospital several times in recent months with lung problems. He had already had emergency life-saving surgery in January. Grosics and defender Jeno Buzanzsky are the only surviving members of the Hungarian golden team that lost 3-2 to a West German side led by Fritz Walter in the 1954 FIFA World Cup™ final in Berne.