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Gekas – Slowly But Surely

Gekas is a modest star, with a sensitive and pensive nature. He avoids the spotlight and gives journalists hunting for an interview a hard time. He is anything but aloof or arrogant but simply the type of person who enjoys spending the evening at home with his family after a hard day’s work.
On 26 June 2004, while he was playing for Kallithea in the suburbs of Athens unheeded by the majority of football fans, Gekas and his wife were watching the EURO final on television just like the rest of country. The professional footballer playing the role of a fan comments: “I was very happy. So happy and proud of that team.” Their sensational journey to the final and Greece’s 1-0 defeat of their Portuguese hosts sent the whole country into raptures. At that time Gekas swore to himself: “I want to belong to that team!”
It was a very special day for every Greek football fan, he recounts. And there is no such thing as a Greek who is not interested in football. Only twelve months later, Gekas realised his dream of representing the European champions at the FIFA Confederations Cup in Germany. But the striker’s big breakthrough did not come until after he had moved to Panathinaikos. As usual, Gekas had sneaked up slowly but surely.