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Football News – CAF 2

On Thursday, 9 August, the Ghana 2008 LOC also unveiled a 24-episode television programme to heighten public awareness of the tournament in Ghana and across Africa. The 60-minute weekly “MTN road map to Ghana ACN 2008″ programme will be aired simultaneously on all television networks, i.e. Ghana Television, TV3 Network, TV Africa, Metropolitan Television and Skyy Television (Takoradi) from 20.00h to 21.00h every Thursday night. The programme will also be available to global viewers over satellite and will feature five unique segments that have been carefully selected to give viewers information about the history and evolution of the ACN from 1957 up to the present day. In addition to the local market, “MTN road map to Ghana ACN 2008″ will be provided free of charge to 50 countries across the world, including 40 African countries.