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Figure Of The Month – 62

On 20 August 1945, Gyorgy Szepesi commentated on a match between Hungary and Austria for Magyar Radio. Since then, Hungarian football fans have had ample opportunity to get used to Szepesi’s voice over the past 62 years as the 85-year-old is still behind the microphone. On 14 August 2005, Szepesi reported on Hungary v. Argen¬tina and celebrated his 60th anniversary as a commentator with a commemora¬tive certificate from Guinness World Records Ltd to confirm his status as the sporting world’s longest-serving com¬mentator. Szepesi, who has reported on 15 Olympic Games, was a member of the FIFA Executive Committee from 1982 to 1994. The qualified sports historian has been an honorary FIFA member since 1994 and was awarded the Olympic Order in 1995.