FIFA quality mark

The tests that a football passes
to receive a FIFA quality mark

Football is the most popular sport in the world for players and fans alike. A free kick curling round the opponents wall, a dazzling dribble around four or five defenders, a perfect pass the length of the pitch, an acrobatic clearance, a breathtaking shot or header – there are so many highlights in every match, but it is always the ball that is in the spotlight.

As world football’s governing body, FIFA is responsible for ensuring that all of the balls used by professional players respond in a uniform way. For that reason, FIFA has developed the FIFA Quality Concept for Footballs, an internationally recognized licensing programme for manufacturers of balls all around the world that guarantees the quality and consistent characteristics of footballs. Therefore, any ball that bears one of the much sought-after FIFA quality marks (FIFA APPROVED, FIFA INSPECTED) will always be a guarantee for quality and enjoyable football.

This booklet will show you just what is required for a footballer to be able to rely on his most trusted ally. For FIFA, the perfect ball is a guarantee that a match will be fair and exciting – whether it be for the best players in the world today or for the stars of tomorrow.

Joseph S. Blatter 
FIFA President

The seven tests
that a football
has to pass to receive
a FIFA quality mark