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FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008 Virtual Football Captivates The Crowds

Christmas came early for 22-year-old Kim Gwan-hyeong on 22 December 2007 when he won the Korean FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008 qualifying event in Seoul to become the fourth confirmed grand finalisi in Berlin on 24 May 2008. Following the hugely successful FIFA World Cup™ in 2002 and more recently the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2007, the FIFA Interactive World Cup is the latest in a series of thrilling FIFA competitions in Korea and this event certainly did not disappoint.
In the height of the festive season, participants and spectators took the chance to escape from the freezing cold temperatures of wintertime in Seoul and their last-minute Christmas shopping to witness Kim Gwan-hyeong defeat Kim Sung-jun in the final of the first Asian FIFA Interactive Word Cup qualifiers.
After cruising to a 4-0 victory, Gwan-hyeong said, “I didn’t think I was going to get to the final, but to gei there and win 4-0 was great. I am, very confident of winning the Grand Final.”
Although the majority of the entrants were from Seoul, there was one British representative, Aaron Knight, 22, from Bristol. Having competed in thc-2004 Interactive World Cup event in London, Knight though: his chances of competing again had passec when he left England in 2006 and moved to Seoul with his Korean wife. Although he faiied to make it past the third round, he was still grateful to have had the opportunity to comoete again and he will now turn his attention to online qualification.
So as the year drew to a close, four of the 32 grand finalists had been confirmed and they will all be hoping that 2008 brings them even more success in Berlin in May. To find out how you can be part of this event and any of the remaining qualifiers, please visit the “Destination” page on Alternatively, if you are unable to attend any of the live qualifiers, you can still complete in the online qualification mode by registring on the website.