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FIFA Executive Commitee meeting in Tokio – Assistance For Referees

Meeting under the chairmanship of FIFA President Joseph 5. Biaiter in Tokyo on 15 Decemoer 2007, ihe FIFA Executive Committee passed a seres of decisions, incluuding the introduction of a Refereeing Assistance Programme (RAP) and the pr’nc’ple whereby no matches in FIFA competitions may be p’ayed at an altitude ir excess of 2,750 metres above sea level without acclimatisation.
During the meeting, Blatter reiterated ihe importance of tne Laws of the Game and refeering for football as a whole: “The future of our game is intrinsically linked with the-quality of refereemg. Therefore, the new Refereeing Assistance Programme is crucial for footba’. Today’s decision to launch this programme is a milestone in the history of tne game.”
The basic obiectivee of the RAP is to professionalise the environment in which referees develop and wcrk – at botn national and international level.
a) the preparation of potential match officials for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ and the professionalisation of refereeing at the top level;
b) the development of refereeing at member association level.
In order to achieve this, refereeing development officers will work hand in hand withh instructors around the world to ensure a uniform approach. These efforts will be accompanied by close cooperation with the confederations, member associations and existing FIFA development officers. An extensive range of courses and workshops, supported by technological aids including internet resources, will also be organised. In total, FIFA plans to invest some USD 40 milion in the programme.