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FIFA – Better Air Quality

As the 2008 0 ympic Football Tournaments in Beijing approach, the executive welcomed news TOITI the International Olymoic Committee (IOC) that the situation regarding pollution in the CITV is gradualiy improving. While no further action was deemed necessary in this resoect, there was firm opposition to tne proposed 12 noon kick-offs for trie fina.s of the tournament in view of the high ieTperatures at that lime of tne day.
After hearing a report on the recent World Conference on Doping in Sport in Madrid, the Executive Committee welcomed the latest amendments to the World Ant! Code, particularly the inclusion of the ormciple of individual case management in relation to sanctions.
The Executive Committee also supported the submission of a proposal to the 2008 FIFA Congress that an article be added to the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes, stipulating that promotion and relegation in leagues must be determined by sporting merit alone and forbidding the amendment of a club’s legal form or structure to circumvent this requirement.
Dealing with matters pertaining to member associations, the committee refused to recognise recent elections held by the Central African Republic football association on account of governmental interference and ordered the association to organise new elections in the coming three months under the supervision of FIFA and CAF. A normalisation committee will be set up to launch this process. In the case of Iran and Peru, FIFA will continuesto monitor developments within the associations closely. Meanwhile, the file regarding Kuwait was closed thanks to the association’s compliance with FIFA directives.