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FIFA – Acclimatisation Necessary

With regard to the ir’al of goal-line technology at the FIFA Cub World Cup in Japan, the FIFA Executive Committee noied thai the findings wouid be presented and subsequently discussed at the next Annual General Meeting of the International Football Association Board in Gleneagles tScotland) or 8 March 2008.
In line with the recommendation tabled by leading international medical specialists on high altitude at a seminar in Zurich at Ihe end of October 2007, the FIFA Executive Committee agreed that, unless those involved were allowed to acclimatise, no rratches in FIFA competitions would be permitted at an altitude in excess of 2,750 metres above sea level. This decision will be integrated into ail FIFA competition regulations with immediate effect and it was recommendeo that the same limit be enforced in all other international competitions.
Also in the domain of sporti medicine, the go-ahead was given for FIFA to cooperate with UEFA in a study on olood doping and for preventative cardiac screening examinations like those conducted on players prior to the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ to be extended to all FIFA competitons – for both olayers and match officials. The 2008 edition of the FIFA Doping Control Regulations and the Olympic Movement’s Medical Code were a’so accepted.